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With more than 300 plastic molding machines ranging from 15 to 850 ton clamping force, we are able to ensure speedy cost-efficient production of quality plastic parts. In all our molding facilities, we have a strong team of experienced injection molders to ensure smooth running of injection molding processes: 2K & 3K molding. Gear molding. Over

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Sourcing Injection Moulding & Metal Fabrication service outside of China-If your company is in need of plastic injection molding or metal fabrication services, its hard to avoid the Chinese market. China is currently the largest producer and exporter of injection molds and plastics in the world. With more than 15,000 plastic Read More »

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Plastic Injected Parts. Ares Mould is a full-service plastic injection parts manufacturer providing prototyping, manufacturing and assembly. We have the technical know-how to build the most complicated tooling using the broadest range of injection molding plastic resins, including commodity, engineering and high-performance grade resins.

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Plastic Injection Molding Process. It is the same as the injection moulding of plastic parts. Your press could be from Canada, the plastic from Singapore, the mold manufacturer China, and the hot runner system from the US. There is just no way to escape globalization.

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Kore Industries has been designing parts and injection molds for about 11 years.Specializing in 2k molds,T molds, multi cavity molds and stack molds.

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A MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR. For the past thirty years, Banshing has prided itself in manufacturing quality plastic products while providing reliable customer support, as well as delivering in a timely manner. These have been our keys to success in an industry that is ever-changing. Banshing was first incorporated in Singapore in 1975 as a Plastics Injection Moulding house and since then, we have expanded our core business to include Metal Stamping

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Founded in 1981, Beyonics is headquartered in Singapore and provides Advanced Precision Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions for the Healthcare, Automotive and Technology sectors. Beyonics has a long-standing and proven track record for innovation, growth and stability.

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Location: 760 Water Street Meadville, PA 16335, USA. Telephone: (814) 724-4950 Fax: (814) 724-4959 Email: [email protected] reliable plastic injection press factory in singapore

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DAIHO (SINGAPORE) PTE LTD 21 Bukit Batok Crescent #11-76 Wcega Tower Singapore 658065 Tel : 65-6759 8730 Fax : 65-6759 8731 E-Mail : [email protected] reliable plastic injection press factory in singapore

Fu Yu Corporation Limited

Since its inception in 1978, the Group has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of high precision plastic parts and moulds in Asia. Today, the Group has established a strong presence in the region with manufacturing facilities located in Singapore, Malaysia and China.

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Ensinger is a global leader in the field of engineering plastics, excelling in both the manufacture of semi-finished stock shapes and profiles, and in the machining of plastic materials. Since its establishment in November 1998, Ensinger Singapore has grown the distribution of high quality engineering plastics throughout the South East Asian and Pacific region, and we are very pleased to share our progress

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singapore's leading medical device manufacturer Inzign is Singapores leading plastic injection molding contract manufacturer. Specialising only in disposable medical and healthcare devices, Inzign aims to be the healthcare sectors preferred manufacturer both in Singapore and abroad.

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40 injection moulding machines, ranging from 100t to 500t and still expanding to 850t. Partnership with Blowing Injection Factory, we provide Blow/Stretch Injection machines, able to produce plastic containers ranging from 20 cc to 30 liters,Equiped with the latest technology and consumer needs such as Visi-Strip Bottles , PET processing

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Kay Kay Plastic has been in the Plastic Injection Moulding business since 1992. Our current Singapore Based factory sits on about 12,000sqft of working space. It all started with only 10 employees but we have grown to about 40 employees now.

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Maka Engineering Pte Ltd provides Design, Manufacturing, Supply & Export of Rubber, Plastic, & Foam Products. Maka Engineering Pte. Ltd. is Singapore branch of the Maka Group, one of the premium manufacturer of Custom Molded Products for industries like oil and gas, automotive, electrical, construction, telecommunication and many more.

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Mctronic provide fabrication of tools and dies, secondary process such as spray painting, sub-assembly parts. with more than 50 Injection moulding machines from 80-650Ton which can provides custom injection moulding and other plastic related processes to the various industries.


Jul. 2010 Started running 4,000 ton injection molding machine in cheongwon factory . Sep. 2010 Started running 1,600 ton injection molding machine in Yeongnam factory . Sep. 2010 Established NPC CHEMICAL Co.,Ltd. Mar. 2011 Changed the company name from National Plastic Co., Ltd. to NPC Co., Ltd. Sep. 2011 Sold off the Jeongeup factory


Omni Mold company, is a ultra precision plastic injection mould making company in Singapore. Specializing in ultra-precision, high complex and high cavitation moulds. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with advanced computer software and machine tool hardware. Together with proven track records, system and highly trained staffs, we are

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Danke Mold is a professional and high-quality plastic injection molding manufacturer, and quick-turn manufacturing company in southern China. We provide plastic injection molding, rapid tooling, rapid prototyping from concept prototype to volume production. We keep provides reliable plastic injection molding service, for rapid prototypes

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We are an end-to-end solutions provider offering personalized injection moulding and product design. Call us now at +65 6250 6881 or email [email protected] reliable plastic injection press factory in singapore .sg for a Free Consult today!

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The company is principally engaged in manufacturing and sales of injection moulded plastic products and other plastic related business activities. The founder of the company, Mr. Goh Tiong Hwee has been adopted the name QUALITY RESULT, which means the high quality products. He has been possesses more than 30 years in technical of the plastic

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Reliable Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturer AIFA provides rapid prototyping in less than 3 days for automotive, consumer products, electronics, health and medic, and any industrial production with plastic parts. Benefit from AIFA Molding There are many reasons why clients choose AIFA, but these 4 points make your offer really

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Sing Ngai Industries - Precision plastic mould making and injection moulding specialist. Industries served include automotive, aerospace, electronic, marine, medical and telecom applications. Our Manufacturing Branch SN Precision Technology Sdn Bhd are are a "License manufacturing warehouse" (LMW) and a "License manufacturing company", having aproval from the Minister of Trade and

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Precision, comprising of two companies - Precision Dies & Tools Manufacturing Co. (L.L.C.) and Precision Plastic Products Co. (L.L.C.) - was established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in 1984, and is an ISO 9001-2008 certified pioneer and market leader in the manufacture of rigid plastic packaging products, moulds, and aluminium extrusion dies.